Massage Services & Rates

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30 Minute Express Massage - $45

Spot Treatment for 1-2 areas

Relax & Restore

A full-body massage using relaxing techniques.

Light, Medium, or Heavy Pressures.

Deep Tissue techniques and Specific Work upon request
(but we may have to skip other parts to have enough time for the deeper work.)

60 Minutes - $90

75 minutes - $110

90 minutes - $130

120 minutes - $165

Pain, Movement & Posture Program
Synergetic myofascial therapy


Runners, like all athletes, rely on strength and flexibility to maintain peak performance.  Fascia is the connective tissue matrix throughout the body.  By restoring the fascia to a more ideal condition, your body will have more length, better stability, and improved freedom of movement.

This technique is different than traditional massage, as it requires no lotion and involves active movement by the client along with specific myofascial techniques.  Often this may include fascial work away from the location of the pain in order to address restrictions that may be the source, rather than the symptom.

This program is open to everyone, from athletes to office workers.


First SMT Session -- Give it a try!

75 minutes - $99

A single 75-minute SMT session includes a postural assessment and bodywork techniques designed to lengthen and restore fascia for a given pain or discomfort. 

**After your first SMT session, you can opt to purchase two more sessions for $198**
(That's $99 each!)

3 sMT Sessions - save 10%
Reg $330, with discount $297

Over the course of 3 SMT sessions, you will experience body work in 3 directions (front, back and side).  This 3-series aims to "open" the body, reducing fascial restrictions and improving movement and balance.

DRESS requirements for SMT:

Please note that all SMT clients will need to wear gym shorts.  Females should plan to wear a sports bra, tube top, or other clothing item to assure coverage and to provide access for the bodywork.

**SMT is not included in Membership Pricing**