Pain Relief & Performance Improvement
for Athletes of all Levels

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Welcome to Marathon Massage Therapy! Your source for expert, professional, pain-relieving massage therapy for your 26.2 mile journey.

Whether you are an elite runner or doing your first couch to 5k,

Marathon Massage Therapy can help you complete your goals!

"But what If I'm not a runner?!"


Marathon Massage Therapy knows that not everyone likes to run. Perhaps you are a cyclist, swimmer, yogi, Crossfitter, or enjoy other activities.

My goal is to get you across the finish line,

no matter your sport.


You may not be an athlete,

but you may work like one.

Do you have a physically-challenging job or work as a caretaker?
Do you just need a break from the stress?
Marathon Massage Therapy can help you with your aches and pains.