Relaxation is for Runners

Hello Again, Runners!


The weather's warming up and many of you are in training for your next race.  Others of you might be starting on the path to your first 5k---that's AWESOME! 

Too often, we run through pain we shouldn't.  We like to throw on our shoes and run out the door, never looking back!  Most of the time, it's an achy knee, nagging shin pain, or foot pain that just won't go away.  Rarely do we consider the importance of resting our minds.  Getting enough sleep is crucial.  It's when our bodies rebuild. If we're experiencing pain, we must slow down or find a different way to exercise until we feel better.  In either case, I always encourage clients to find ways recover!  And it's not easy...

Sometimes that means doing nothing.  Rest and Recovery can be key to keeping those aches and pains from becoming injuries.  Even if it means taking a break from running for a short time.

Here in the US, we don't often make enough time for self care.  Even if we're healthy athletes running marathons, taking appropriate steps to recover get overlooked.

What we often forget is that our minds need care also.  That's why I'm here to encourage you (a runner!) to consider massage as a great way to recover on all levels!

There are plenty of discussions out there about why massage is good for you, so I am honestly going to spare you the list.  If you want to read more about the benefits, visit:

The bottom line is that you can relax mentally and physically and increases circulation, which gives your body what it needs to heal faster.

What is not often discussed is how often you should get massage to reap the best benefits.  If you are an elite runner, you should consider weekly massages.  The miles take their toll and the more you can repair your body, the faster you will recover.  If you are going for your first 5k, you can get away with once a month.  And if you're somewhere in between, once every 2 weeks can be very beneficial. 

Of course, you must weigh the cost of massage against its benefit.  Often, if you want to set up a schedule with a therapist, they will give you a discount on multiple sessions or sign you up as a member for the best discount.  In any case, find the therapist that gets YOU and knows what YOU need and begin reaping the benefits of regular massage.

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Relaxation IS for runners!

Gotta run!

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