Should I Get a Massage After the Race?

Have you ever seen the line for massage at a race event?  If it's free, then the line can be quite long!  Even if you have to pay the standard $1/min fee, you're likely to see a number of runners patiently waiting for their turn on the table.  WANT TO SKIP THE LINE?  Read on to find out how Marathon Massage Therapy can help you before and after your race.

I recently had the opportunity to sponsor and perform massage at a charity run, the 12k's for the Holidays, benefiting the Good Samaritan Center in Jackson, MS (check them out, they do good work).  It was a great size crowd, full of local runners from around central Mississippi.  

So, why is it so popular?  What's the big deal about massage on race day?

Whether you're a first time 5k'er or a seasoned runner, YOU should always consider the positive benefits of massage on race day.

  • Before the Race:  Pre-Race massage is designed to stimulate the nervous system and get the circulatory system activated.  A short, 10-minute pre-event massage will really get your body awake and engaged.  You will leave the table pumped and ready to run!!  
  • After the Race:  Post-Race massage can significantly reduce the impact of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).  It's not about flushing lactic acid, as much as it promotes circulation and your body's natural recovery methods.  Post-Event massage timing can last anywhere form 10 to 30 minutes and should include slow, steady strokes and therapeutic stretches.  NOTE: If you are suffering from any race-related injuries, you should inform the therapist before getting on the table.

At Marathon Massage Therapy, I offer a specific set of massage techniques that address YOUR needs as a runner. 


Call to Schedule your 30 Minute Flush & Stretch session -- If you've just finished a long run or a grueling race, plan to come by my studio for a quick lower-body rejuvenation session.  This includes the use of a combination of Sports massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Myofascial techniques that will help speed your recovery!!

Gotta Run,